10 Secrets To A Healthy Life

Sometimes taking care of our body can seem like a huge task and a lot of efforts that no normal person can manage. But there's not a lot that you actually need to do. Thankfully, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to try a little bit every day. Here's some of the secrets to keep you healthy throughout your life. 1) Schedule a cheat day. Now this might seem injustice to your diet chart. But it's equally important to your body. Reserve splurges for one weekend day. The cheat day gives the motivation to keep the healthy eating diet routine balanced. So that, when eating grilled chicken, vegetables, and rice on Tuesday, you know a chocolate cake is waiting for me on the weekend. 2) Keep healthy food around. Always keep healthy food in stock. The biggest reason is so that you have plenty of healthy foods around when you need them, and also so that you can avoid unhealthy impulse buys like candy or desserts at the grocery store. 3) Find flavor in other food besides fats. "We have learned that you don't have to use tons of butter and oil to get lots of flavor. Cooking is also based very much on herbs. One can add flavours with actually using very little butter. One secret is to add something acidic like lemon juice, orange juice, or red wine vinegar to meats and dressings to brighten the dish without adding fat at all. 4) Prepare health foods in advance. Make a big batch of brown rice or another whole grain on Sunday and incorporate it into different meals throughout the week. You can also eat tons of beans—they're healthy, affordable, and versatile. You can make a big pot on Sunday and use them as a side dish, in salads and soups, and then pureed with herbs and spices for awesome dips with your meals. 5) Turn off the screens and sleep The most important thing for a healthy life is a good night's sleep. Even if you're eating well, juicing, doing yoga, and meditating, none of that matters if you're sleep-deprived. Better turn off all your screens an hour before you go to bed, light a candle, read a few chapters in a book, and play a little music. This will reward you with best good night sleep. 6) Stay Hydrated Our bodies are mostly made up of water, so we must always stay hydrated. Drink a bottle of water every hour of the day. Water improves your digestion—plus, when you are hydrated, your skin looks amazing. You can squeeze a bit of lemon or lime if you're getting bored with plain water. Remember to stay away from fancy sweetened waters that are pure sugar. 7) Choose smarter sweet treats. A lot of us have a wicked sweet tooth, but we definitely don't want to be eating junky candy all day long. So it's always good to choose some naturally sweet items. Your favourite fruit salad will always top the list. 8) Never skip breakfast. We must never skip breakfast. Feeding your body after you rise is essentially like putting gas in your tank because you need mental and physical energy to get the day going. Even having something as simple as low-fat yogurt with fruit, or a glass of milk with a banana and a small handful of nuts can provide you with the protein and fiber you need to tell your body it's ready. Easiest breakfasts is a scrambled egg with cheese and whole-wheat toast and a cup of nonfat milk. Eggs provide high-quality protein. The cheese adds lots of flavor, not to mention calcium; and the skim milk provides calcium, vitamin D, and so many other nutrients along. 9) Embrace Naps Napping has health benefits. It improves cognitive function, greater happiness, even better sleep at night. Now whenever you're sleepy in the afternoon, let yourself doze off for a bit. 10) Let out your creativity. I think we often feel guilty about playing, and take it as a waste of time. But taking time for ourselves and learning about ourselves helps us feel inspired, confident, and energized. We need to make space for creativity in our own lives. So include free writing, lists of dreams, and drawings and whatever you love doing. It's all about finding inward inspiration. So, these were the 10 Secrets for a Healthy Life. Hope you follow these secrets and live a better and healthier life.

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